Self-supporting programs allow the University to serve additional students above and beyond the resources provided by the state while fulfilling demonstrated higher education and workforce needs. Currently, there are populations of working adults not served by UC state-supported programs who would be willing to enroll in self-supporting graduate degree programs. This policy is designed to facilitate the establishment of self-supporting programs by the University and its campuses while ensuring that these programs do not use state resources. These programs will receive no state-support; however, they have the potential to generate resources that would enhance the quality, access, and affordability of core academic programs and departments. For example, they could provide additional support for graduate students and students in state supported programs.

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Current Self-Supporting Degree Programs

For self-supporting degree program fees and links, please see the Registrar’s Office website.

Architecture: Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design (MS)

Dentistry: Professional Program for International Dentists

Economics: Master of Quantitative Economics (MQE)

Education: Educational Leadership (EdD)


Geography: Master of Applied Geospatial Information Systems and Technologies (MAGIST)



Nursing: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Public Health:

Social Science: Master of Social Science (MSS)

Statistics: Master of Applied Statistics & Data Science (MASDS)