Instructional data is a snapshot of course enrollments, student credit hours, and course and section counts taken during the 3rd week of a given term. This is a self-service dashboard developed to help you access data on instruction at UCLA in order to support planning, evaluation, and strategic decision-making related to course offerings, class size, and enrollment management. Use the filters provided to explore the data and hover on the tooltips to see more information.

For UCLA Faculty and Staff, dashboard is located HERE.

To request access to the UCLA Faculty and Staff dashboards, send an email to stating the educational interests that require you to have access to the data. By having access to and viewing the data provided in the UCLA Faculty and Staff dashboards you agree to use it only for institutionally defined purposes having legitimate educational interests. You understand that any unit-level data or aggregate data with cell sizes of less than 10 may not be reproduced, published, publicly posted or used for secondary purposes. You acknowledge that you have completed the FERPA quiz administered by the Registrar ( ). You understand that the misuse, inappropriate storage, or unauthorized access of the data provided may subject you to civil or criminal penalties and/or University discipline.