Fiscal Year-end Guidelines

Academic and Staff Rosters

Each year the Campus must submit a balanced July 1st Academic and Staff Roster to UCOP.

Units should provide this information to APB by the deadline on the schedule (link below).

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Centrally Funded Charges

Fee Remissions:

Fee Remissions for ASEs/GSRs funded by 19900/19914: APB will journal fee remissions off 19900/19914 and process a TOF to fund the cost after June preliminary ledger closes.

Fee Remissions for GSRs funded by 199XX special state funds (both one-time and perm/recurring line items): Designated fund manager for each line item should collect all requests from departments and submit to APB by June 30th.

Fee Remissions for Undergraduate Course TAs from Self-Supporting Degree Programs (SSDPs): School/Division should collect all requests from departments and submit to APB by June 30th.


Requirements for centrally funded CCA charges are as follows:
The eligible ASE/GSR salary must be 19900 funded.
Only CCA reimbursements charged on 19900 are centrally funded.
CCA charges must be reported in the fiscal year it is incurred. No late charges will be funded.
Only fall, winter and spring CCA charges are eligible to be relieved centrally, summer CCA charges are not centrally funded. Pay period end dates are used to determine the charged quarter.
The maximum CCA reimbursement per student is $3,300, equal to $1,100 per quarter.

All of the criteria must be met in order to ensure proper departmental reimbursement.