The UCLA Workforce Report presents the number (headcount) and FTE (full-time equivalent) of UCLA academic and administrative employees, including staff and students. It is generated from October snapshots of payroll data. More on the methodology is below.

FTE: based on split appointments (partial FTE is credited to each organization/division and Workforce Category as appropriate, based on an employee's split appointments and/or part-time appointments)

Headcount: based on primary appointments, in order to not double count heads

For UCLA Faculty and Staff, an internal workforce dashboard is located HERE.

To request access to the internal dashboard, send an email to stating why you require access to the data. By having access to and viewing the data provided in the internal workforce dashboard you agree to use it only for institutionally defined purposes having legitimate educational or business interests.


Why October snapshots?

An October snapshot is the period that best captures counts of Faculty & Staff for Fall term because late hires and administrative processing are completed by then. Averaging among counts of earlier months in the term would artificially deflate counts. The Fall term, as the largest term, is most representative of UCLA's annual workforce.

Workforce Categories, and other details, are explained in the UCLA Workforce Methodology.